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Hello Christina!! The Ultimate Golf Journal is for myself – I am excited to receive. Let me tell you if I could see you in person, I would kiss you! (don’t be scared, its just my personality!) I bought your first two books last season. Before reading your first book, I was driving the ball maybe 70 yards, at best. AFTER reading your first book, I am now consistently driving the ball 165-180 yards!!! I am SO EXCITED!Brandi, your BIGGEST fan!

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Christina’s Best-Selling Golf Books


  • New Golfer

    Perfect for beginner golfers or refresher for those re-entering the game after a long hiatus

  • Tee to Green

    Jam-packed with non-technical set-ups and execution key points and solid fundamentals from tee to green


    Enjoy 4 BAD SHOT FIXES sections that address the main culprits of no distance, thin, fat and downright ugly shots from tee to green

  • Rules & Etiquette

    Extensive Rules & Etiquette Section. Plus, when all else fails, laugh, in the Jokes section!


  • Avid Golfer

    Perfect for the more experienced player or fans of the Pink Book

  • Tee to Green

    Dives deep into key fundamentals for set ups and executes from tee to green


    2 BAD SHOT FIXES sections that address the main culprits of no distance, thin, fat and downright ugly shots from the tee and fairway

  • Before & Afters

    A brand new series featuring real women. Get inspired by these amazing women with coordinating video inside the More Pars Platform and iPad Editions!


  • All Levels

    Perfect for all playing abilities!

  • Tee to Green

    Set ups and executions for the not-so-common shots and the staples from tee to green

  • Course Management

    Play a few holes with Christina to help you better navigate your way around the course. Plus, we dive deep into the mental side of the game with self-evaluations!

  • Guest Pros (guys)

    Three amazing Guest Guy Pros share their pro-wisdom, making the Green book super-guy-friendly!

  • Drills

    Extensive Drills for the Range and Putting

A Girl on a Par Mission

This story is about a girl (that’s me!) and her passion for the game (that’s golf!). I started my love affair with golf in the year 2000 and I never looked back. Four books later, a couple big credentials (LPGA Class A & Titleist Performance Institute Golf Level 3 Performance Coach), I journey on with crazy passion to help players of all ages and skill levels get more pars. Through my best selling instructional books, DVDs, NEW More Pars Pocket Series, private lessons, clinics, national golf schools, and my popular golf video tips delivered on multiple platforms…more pars await! My golf tips are featured on my YouTube Channel, national publications, online women’s portals such as and LPGA Women’s Network. Plus, I have been featured onThe Golf Channel! Search on the Golf Channel site: “Christina Ricci” for my latest tips!

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“Over the years I’ve taken numerous golf lessons but none have been as effective as what I’ve gleamed from Christina Ricci and her practical teaching methodology…. and I am happy to report my handicap continues to get lower. Thanks Christina!”Nancy B / Passionate Golfer

Featured Tip of the Week

I love these books. They have been so helpful with my learning process. I’m truly a visual person and the colorful illustrations and the Pink book DVDs have been a great asset in my efforts to gain knowledge in this game. I’ve download so far, #1 in the Yellow iPad Series and I love it. The videos are fun (some a little hilarious) and the interactive elements are excellent. I truly love what you’ve put out there and have found absolutely NOTHING better to help me in my efforts. Thanks again and keep them coming!Marilyn / A TRUE FAN