Tip of the Week 198 » Rough Assess

The short game is where we score. The Pros get up and down with ease because they take the time (without holding up play) to assess the situation. For example, if you find your ball in the rough, do you assess the direction of the grass? This direction effects your shot and club selection. So, let’s get to it!

Tip of the Week 197 » Wedge Game

How’s your wedge game? I am talking about the shots from 50-60-70 yards out. I see lots of players struggle from this distance. Instead, let’s get you zippered up and lighting a match for better wedge shots and more pars. So, let’s get to it!

Tip of the Week 196 » Over the Top See Ya

If you want more pars but just can’t seem to get that over the top move out of your golf swing, then let’s move your focus to your back foot and back shoulder to help keep you on plane. So, let’s get to it!

Tip of the Week 195 » Wild West

If you want more pars, take advantage of your other hobbies and life experiences, to groove your golf game. Join Christina as she ventures into the unknown western frontier…well…sort of.

Tip of the Week 193 » Long Irons & Hybrid Setups

Welcome to your More Pars Training + Weekly Prize Give-Away! In this episode, I share the key points for a rock solid set-up with your longer irons and hybrid clubs. I also share the common culprits, so you can avoid and get more pars So, let’s get to it!


Winner announced on Christina’s More Pars YouTube Channel each Sunday until January 1, 2018. If you are already subscribe as a Tip of the Weeker, still complete the giveaway form, so you’ll have a chance to win!

Tip of the Week 192 » Long Greenside Bunker Shot

If you want more pars, let’s keep your sandwedge in the bag and get it close from a long greenside bunker with firm sand. I see too many players grabbing their SW for all bunker shots. I share the key points for success. So, let’s get to it!

Tip of the Week 191 » Get Super-Solid Irons with Chalk Impact Drill

If you want more pars, but are really struggling with solid shots from the fairway, then grab some chalk and let me show you an awesome drill to groove on-target and solid ball striking. I share the common culprits that may be preventing you from achieving that super-solid. So, let’s get to it.

Tip of the Week 190 » Stay on Swing Plane Grab a Penny

If you want more pars, but you just can’t seem to get solid contact… and your ball flights are all over the place, then grab a penny (or a coin, if outside the US) and let’s get you on plane with this great swing plane drill. So, let’s get to it!