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The iPad Golf App Editions are jam-packed with solid golf fundamentals from tee to green and jam-packed with enhanced interactive content.

ipad golf app pink series

The Pink Golf App Series spans 3 Editions and is jam-packed with lessons tee to green. The Pink Series mirrors the printed Pink Book. The iPad Golf App Series includes extended and brand new topics to get you more pars on your scorecard.

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ipad golf app yellow series
The Yellow iPad Golf App Series is a whopping 6 Editions spanning tee to green. The series mirrors the Yellow and Green Printed Books, but goes miles beyond each with lessons galore. Each Edition is $7.99 Download from the iTunes Store Now!
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ipad golf app pink series 2
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ipad golf app yellow series 1
ipad golf app yellow series 2
ipad golf app yellow series 3
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ipad golf app yellow series 5
ipad golf app yellow series 6

I just had to thank you for the work you have done. Your books and iPad app are, by far, the best and most comprehensive tools I have used. I have been playing for three years and LOVE the game. Since getting your materials two months ago, my handicap has dropped from a 31 to a 22! I just ordered your Green book and DVD’s. Can’t wait to see my scores drop below 90.

Please continue your mission to help women golfers! I hope someday you will make your way out to Northern California.

P.S. I really enjoy your Before & Afters with Real Women and admire the patience you show!Jennifer / Northern CA

iPad App Feature Section

Explore interactive swing sequences, video lessons, real-time feedback from Christina, hidden tips and key points, and interactive Reviews and Pop Quizzes designed to expedite learning in an engaging and super-fun way with a splash of laughs.

Each Edition is $7.99 Download from the iTunes Store Now!
iPad App Features

Top Features

  • Connector.

    Swing Sequences

    Swipe frame by frame tee to green

  • Connector.

    Video Lessons

    Christina and Guest Pros share lots of pro-wisdom

  • Connector.

    Bonus Content

    Exclusive content only available on the iPad Editions

  • Connector.

    Structured Learning

    Perfect for college and high school teams who want to win. Your Coach can tailor lessons to keep the team on track.

  • Connector.

    Quizzes & Reviews

    Test your comprehension with quizzes & Reviews with a splash of Christina’s humor

  • Connector.

    Got a Question?

    Get real-time feedback from Christina!

  • Connector.

    Hidden Tips

    Have fun discovering hidden tips and key points

  • Connector.

    Customize Your Experience

    Bookmark, Note-take, Highlight & Share

Special Feature

The Swing Sequences are one of my favorite features from the iPad App Series; interactive swing sequences spanning tee to green! Move through the swings frame by frame with key points along the way. A fun and effective way to expedite your learning. Check out this Golf Tip of the Week highlighting this cool feature to get you more distance off the tee!

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