Golf Rules Pocket Guide

Red, Yellow, Whites…oh my! So many rules, so little time when you are out on the course and faced with a situation that requires a fast ruling. No fear!

golf rules pocket guide

Marsue-Rules-EventDarlene and Karen with their Rules Guide enjoying the Meadowbrook Farms Lady Sharks Cinco de Mayo Member-Guest Tournament in Katy, Texas, a Greg Norman course.

Golf Rules You Gotta Know with a Splash of Etiquette is a handy 24-panel accordion-style golf rules pocket guide. It showcases the most common golf rules to help players determine their best options. Plus, it includes lots of etiquette tips, making this a unique and practical gift for tournaments and events.
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Feature Section

Know your options with the Red, Yellow & Whites. The rules oftentimes, can work in our favor…but first, you must know your options.


Top Features

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    Top Rules

    Features all the stakes, cart path, unplayables, immoveables, competition do’s and don’ts and more

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    Accordian Style

    Easy to use with an accordian-style panel

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    Bonus Content

    Competition must knows

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    Got an event?

    Volume discounts auto-apply during checkout

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    With it’s portable 3×4 size, it slips almost anywhere

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    Splash of Etiquette

    Essential etiquette so you can keep your pals and make new ones

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    Perfect Gift

    Packaged in a clear case plus an organza gift pouch so you can gift it to your pal whose birthday is next month

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    Great Value $8.95

    Priced right so you can look like you know what you’re doing

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