Tip of the Week » No 92 Pre-Tee-Off Prep

  In this Tip of the Week’s bonus tip, you’ll learn valuable pre-round tips for better post-round scores. Too many players rush to the tee box without a proper pre-tee-off prep both mental and physical. Tale the opportunity to get your mind and body ready for more pars. We all want pars. Share this Tip of the Week with your … Read More

Featured Tip of the Week » The Magic L

In this Tip of the Week, I share 3 main culprits that mess with the Magic L in a golf swing. The L is created by your lead arm and shaft, back and through.

Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week » No 79 Better Impact

Many are confused with the term “stay back” as it relates to staying behind the ball through impact. Many instead, “hang back” resulting in topped or weak-right shots. Instead, we need to get stacked on our front side. We are still staying back with our head behind the ball, but we are not hanging back. The results are significant.

Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week » No 74 Full Finish

##In this Tip of the Week, we will discuss the importance of getting to your finish.

This topic is especially relevant with women. I find that women simply do not get to their finish. They finish somewhere in the vicinity of 2 o’clock where their belly button or belt buckle faces toward 2 on a clock or, if you like baseball, toward first base. Another common culprit of a poor finish is the dreaded “flat-footed, lazy leg” finish. This swing is all upper body and will typically send the ball low left or weak-right.