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Christina Ricci’s Tip of the Week
No. 81

In this featured Tip of the Week, I share 3 main culprits that mess with the creation of this Magic L in the golf swing.

What is the Magic L?

The Magic L is magic and is created by your lead arm and shaft, back and through. The Ls are the essence of a golf swing’s arc. Our job is to allow the swing arc to happen without US getting in the way. The golf club was designed to swing on an arc and if we mess with this circle… bad things happen. So let’s address those culprits now.


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4 Comments on “Featured Tip of the Week » The Magic L”

  1. Got yellow book and was very pleased with simple easy to understand explanations and right and wrong pictures. Answered a lot of questions I had!

  2. I’m a new golfer. Took 1 week lesson at the Villages Florida. Would like to improve everything abt golf.

  3. I have all of your books and actually have been “teaching” a group called the Farm Team in Locust Grove, Virginia for the past ten years. Over that time, I have introduced close to 90 women to the game of golf and your books have been invaluable. I tell all of them to get them and to download your Survival Guides on their iPads. Although I am a 15 handicap I am always trying to improve! You go Christina!

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