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Let’s talk fitness and how it relates to the game of golf.
Firstly, golf is a sport. Second, golf is physical.

Very physical.

Golf is a very physical sport. Especially for those who walk and carry their own bags. The golf swing is demanding of our bodies.

It requires us to get into positions that are athletic and all torqued up… and then…we gotta move at warp speed to generate max clubhead speed to send that little white ball flying!

The more fit we are, the easier it is to get into those must-have “I want more power” body positions. A weaker body will struggle to maintain torque and posture positions and possibly injure parts of the body in a concerted-passionate effort to send the ball flying. Unfortunately, the ball often doesn’t go flying…it goes dribbling down the fairway. The good news is that you can get fit right now with the More Pars Fitness Series videos, Wall Posters and Pocket Guides! Let’s get you on your way to a lean, mean swinging machine…so let’s get to it!

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I’ll be posting videos on my More Pars YouTube Channel weekly so you can get strong to go long,

These videos include all the ones you’ll experience on the posters and pocket series. Form is king. It is critical to perform the exercises properly with good form…just like our golf game! So be sure to subscribe to my More Pars YouTube Channel so you can stay safe…get strong…go long!

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Christina Ricci
TPI Level 3
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CardioGolf Certified

A passionate golfer girl and a passionate fitness enthusiast, Christina has been building her library of knowledge in the fitness realm for 25+ years.

The game of golf elevated her quest to seek out the best in golf instruction and her quest for staying fit drove her to seek out the best in fitness trainers and proven fitness methodology. She is a proven example that you can get results by focusing on proper form and execution. The game of golf has taught Christina that, in order to excel at golf and any other endeavor, you need commitment, focus, and passion. She’s got all that and is ready to show you how you cannot only look great, but transfer your fitness regime into your golf game for more pars and more fun!

She enjoys the benefits of CrossFit, a proven method founded by Greg Glassman, CrossFit stands for Constantly Varied Functional Movements at High Intensity. In simple terms, CrossFit challenges your whole body in every workout.
She also believes in the body/swing connection using the TPI protocols for her screen evaluations to determine your overall body mobility and stability. In simple terms, understanding what your body can and cannot do will help you and your coach get you to the next level, both fitness and golf.