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This dynamic duo includes:

Golf Set-Ups – Key Points Tee to Green
Did you ever wish you had all the essential tee to green set-ups at your fingertips and when you need them, which is on the golf course? Wish granted! Golf Set-ups includes key points from tee to green

• Driver Set-up from teeing it up to distance from the ball
• Set-ups for your irons, hybrids and woods…oh my!
• Address Key Points
• Chip & Pitch Set-up
• Bunker set-up including long green side bunker shot
• Putting set-up essentials

FUNDAMENTALS » Grip, Posture, Stance & Align
Having solid fundamentals will significantly make the game more enjoyable and give you the best chance at more pars. In this More Pars Pocket Guide, learn the esentials for grip, posture, stance and alignment from tee to green!

• Grip Options
• Posture Keys for Success
• Address Key Points
• Ball Position with all clubs
• Alignment tee to green
• Handt Average Yardage Chart

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Each guide is jam-packed with Christina’s signature style of YES/NOs, STEP 1-2-3s and easy to follow re-creatable visuals. Each Guide comes with its own button-snap clear envelope. Get double the pars with the double pack button-snap envelope. Either way…more pars await!

• Each Guide folds to 3 x 4 inches
• Opens to reveal 24 panels 36″ wide
• Jam-packed with great golf tips
• The perfect golf gift for an event, you or your pals
• Includes durable snap clear plastic envelope
• Get all 24 and save BIG! Select this option during Single Guide Product checkout