Pocket Guide Double Pack » More Distance Off the Tee and Get Solid from the Fairway


This dynamic duo includes:

More Distance Off the Tee with a splash of BAD SHOT FIXES
From a rock-solid set-up all the way to your finish, you'll learn how to get lost more distance with this handy pocket guide that fits in the palm of your hand. Plus, when balls are doing left or right, find out how to fix it on the fly. More Pars Await with the More Distance Pocket Guide.

• Rock-Set-up – Address Key Points
• Takeway and Backswing Key Points
• Downswing through to Finish essentials
• Fix that Hook or Slice
• Fake Turn vs Big Turn
• Culprits that rob distance

Get Solid from the Fairway with a splash of BAD SHOT FIXES
Getting solid from the fairway is essential to lower scores. WHY? More GIRs, of course. When we are striping it from the fairway, not only does it feel amazing, it helps us get on the Green In Regulation. In this handy pocket guide, we'll do just that.
You learn:
How to find the slot
Impact and Release essentials
Woods in the fairway – not the woods
Common culprits and how to fix such as lateral slide, overswinging and lack of distance

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Each guide is jam-packed with Christina’s signature style of YES/NOs, STEP 1-2-3s and easy to follow re-creatable visuals. Each Guide comes with its own button-snap clear envelope. Get double the pars with the double pack button-snap envelope. Either way…more pars await!

• Each Guide folds to 3 x 4 inches
• Opens to reveal 24 panels 36″ wide
• Jam-packed with great golf tips
• The perfect golf gift for an event, you or your pals
• Includes durable snap clear plastic envelope
• Get all 24 and save BIG! Select this option during Single Guide Product checkout