Rules & Etiquette for Junior Players

Introducing Rules & Etiquette Golf Pocket Guides for young players. This dynamic duo will be your constant companion on the golf course.

In fact, the rules of golf can oftentimes work in our favor, if we know how to use them. Golf Rules You Gotta Know for Junior Players keeps the game fun, safe and at your fingertips. The Guides include common rules and must-know etiquette with easy to follow step 1-2-3 and re-creatable visuals. Each guide folds to a 3×4 portable size, and folds out to a whopping 36″ revealing 24 panels! When not in use, slip them in to the durable snap envelope and store in your golf bag.

Rules & Etiquette Video Playlist

Evan, Teagan and Delaney are passionate golfers just like you! They are featured inside the Rules & Etiquette Junior Edition. Plus, they walk you through all the Rules & Etiquette featured in the Pocket Guides in this awesome video series. More Pars Await!

Meet Evan!

Evan’s Favorite Stuff

  • Ice Cream

    Smores flavor by Giffords

  • TV Shows

    Modern Family & David Ferherty

  • Sandwich

    Pulled Pork and French Dip

  • Golf Ball

    Titleist Pro V-1

  • Player on Tour

    Jordan Speith

  • Band


  • Other Sports

    Lacrosse and Soccer

  • Loves Golf!

    Loves hitting the ball center-face and watching it fly through the air!

“Evan is a super-talent and understands that to play great golf, having a level head and keeping your emotions in-check is key…one of the reasons he admires Jordan Spieth. I truly enjoyed shooting Evan. He is a natural in front of the camera and will definitely be on Tour. I already got his autograph!” – Christina working with Evan

I first met Evan on 2016. In just 10 months, he grew almost as tall as me! Evan recently played in the The PGA Junior League National Finals in Arizona. Plus, the awesome highlights from the event was aired on the Golf Channel!
Check Out the Final Round Highlights
Evan also was featured in the official HipStart Training Aid how-to-use video.

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  • Ice Cream

    Delaney loves vanilla, but only french vanilla …and ONLY specific brands like Ben & Jerry’s or Edie’s. Teagan loves chocolate, cake batter, cookies & cream..any stuff with peanut butter…

  • Fave Club

    Delaney likes her driver, 7-iron and loves her putter. Teagan loves her 3-wood and putter.

  • Fave Sandwich

    Teagan craves steak and cheese and Delaney must have her grilled cheese.

  • TV Shows

    Teagan loves The Middle and Delaney enjoys Little House on the Prairie

  • Player

    Teagan’s favorite players are Danny Lee/Stacy Lewis. Delaney thinks Lexi is cool, Phil Mickelson …but Annika, is her ultimate hero… the greatest of all time!!

  • Other Sports & Hobbies

    Teagan likes shooting the hoops – Basketball. Delaney joins Teagan with a love for hoops… plus, she enjoys blogging and interior design.

  • Golf Ball

    Teagan stocks the Callaway Supersoft Pink Ball and Delaney goes for the Callaway Chromesoft Truvis.

  • Love Golf

    They both love it for the social aspect and being out in nature.

Delaney & Teagan’s Favorites

“These girls are super-passionate about the game…and growing the game! They both have great game and on-camera talent. I truly enjoyed their energetic enthusiasm and fun-spirited energy, They were a blast!” – Christina on shooting Delaney & Teagan