Tee to Green Pocket Guides

Introducing the More Pars Tee to Green Pocket Series.

Choose from 20 tee to green and in-between guides designed to be used on the golf course. Single or double packs available. Each guide is jam-packed with Christina’s signature style of YES/NOs, STEP 1-2-3s and easy to follow re-creatable visuals and comes with its own button-snap clear durable plastic envelope.

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More Distance Off the Tee
with a splash of Bad Shot Fixes

From a rock-solid set-up all the way to your finish, you'll learn how to get lost more distance with this handy pocket guide that fits in the palm of your hand. Plus, when balls are doing left or right, find out how to fix it on the fly. More Pars Await!

• Set-up essentials
• Takeaway through finish key points
• Common faults with fixes
• Tips for more distance
• Slices & Hooks

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Golf Set-Ups You Gotta Know
key points tee to green

Did you ever wish you had all the essential tee to green set-ups at your fingertips? Wish granted! Golf Set-ups include key points for set-ups tee to green.

• Driver Set-up from teeing it up to distance from the ball
• Set-ups for your irons, hybrids and woods…oh my!
• Address key points
• Chip & Pitch set-up
• Bunker set-up, including long green side bunker shot
• Putting set-up essentials

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Fundamentals You Gotta Know
grip, posture, stance & alignment

Solid set-up fundamentals will significantly make the game more enjoyable and give you the best chance for more pars. In this More Pars Pocket Guide, learn the essentials for grip, posture, stance and alignment from tee to green!

• Grip options
• Posture keys for success
• Address key points
• Ball position with all clubs
• Alignment tee to green
• Handy average yardage chart

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Get Solid on the Fairway
with a splash of Bad Shot Fixes

Getting solid from the fairway is essential for lower scores. WHY? More GIRs, of course. Striking the ball solidly makes the game more enjoyable and helps achieve more greens in regulation.

• How to find the slot
• Impact and Release essentials
• Woods in the fairway – not the woods
• Common culprits and how to fix, such as lateral slide, overswinging and lack of distance

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Key Points on the Fairway
with a splash of BAD SHOT FIXES

From address, takeaway, backswing, and downswing, you’ll learn the essential keys to solid ball striking from the fairway.

• Roll and go
• Kill the chicken
• Chase the ball down the fairway
• Wrap the shoulder for lots more distance

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BAD SHOT FIXES on the Fairway
with a splash of drills to fix

This handy pocket guide will help you achieve more more distance from the fairway though better ball striking. From set-up to the power coil, you’ll be on your way. Plus, learn drills to help you groove center-face contact for more pars.

• Take a walk for more distance
• Use shafts to groove less sway and slide
• Achieve better weight transfer
• Stay connected back and through
• Achieve more center-face contact

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Uneven Lies You Gotta Know
with a splash of trees, divots & slopes

The world is not flat and neither are golf courses. In this handy pocket guide, you’ll get all the intel to successfully navigate your way around trees, slopes, sand and tall grass. Plus, learn tips for success with uneven lies.

• Success from downslope & upslopes
• Sand divots
• Hard pan lies
• Over, under and around trees
• Punch out smart tips

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Rough & Slopes You Gotta Know
key points around the green

Ball above, ball below, steep slopes and rough grass…oh my. No fear! Whip out the handy Rough & Slopes pocket guide and get savvy with set-up and how-to’s with slopes and rough of all kinds.

• Severe up and downslopes
• Ball above and below
• Deep Rough
• Deepest Rough

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Think Like a Pro & Course Management
dealing with you & dealing with others

Master the top 10 tips to think like a pro when on the course for more pars. Plus, you’ll learn how to deal with you and others, such as yappers and the significant other.

• Tension & first-tee jitters
• Positive mantras
• Manage the significant-other-factor
• Dealign with others
• Focus on the right things
• Bag essentials

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Course Strategy & Weather Management
play in any weather with good strategy

From the strike, wind, sun, mud, you’ll have all the intel to successfully play well in any weather. Plus, learn tee to green strategy tips for more pars, from where to tee it up, to trajectory …and what to consider around the green.

• Wind from all directions
• Mud on your ball
• Lightning safety tips
• Skin safety
• Tips for wet and soggy terrain
• What to consider around and on the green

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Mental Stamina & Course Management
with a splash of Bad Thought Fixes

Conquer with confidence the Par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s with this handy pocket guide, designed to help you think smart with good course strategy from tee to green. Plus, you’ll learn how to calm the nerves, stay focused and positive for more pars!

• Play a smart game in the mind
• Build a library of confidence
• Eliminate the sabotage
• Determine the highs and lows around the green
• Think two shots ahead

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Around the Green Get It Close
key points for chips & pitches

Getting up and down around the green is essential for lower scores. Learn all the essential from set-up to in-motion tips for all types of chips and pitches. Plus, learn alignment and posture key points.

• Chip set-up and in-motion tips
• Pitch set-up and in-motion tips
• High & Soft shots of varying degrees
• Shaft position options
• Square vs open alignment and when to use
• How to stay in your posture
• How to swing in sync

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Around the Green Skulls & Chunks key points to fix wayward shots

When you find your shots around the green chunking and skulling, it’s time to whip out this handy pocket guide. It will get you back on track and to the hole!

• Set-up to finish keys
• Smooth transition keys
• How to save the V
• Maintain the triangle
• Keep your feet behaving
• Get rid of the chunk-a-lots

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Around the Green Bad Shot Fixes
key points to fix anything but solid

When you find your shots around the green going wayward, whip out this handy pocket guide to get your balls close to the flag.

• How to eliminate doubt
• Get in-sync and connected
• Alignment essentials
• Shadow play
• Clean clubs and why it matters
• Address to takeaway connection keys

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Bunker Play You Gotta Know
key points with a splash of rules

Everything you need to know to splash it out with confidence. Plus, rules & etiquette from the bunker.

• Where and how much sand
• Square versus open club face
• Long greenside
• Bunker splash key points
• Alignment from the sand
• Tips for wayward shots

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Tough Shots in the Bunker
with a splash of Bad Shot Fixes

Let’s face it, not all lies are pretty. In this handy pocket guide, you’ll get essential tips to help you navigate the tough shots from the bunker. Plus, how to fix wayward shots.

• Buried Lie
• Ball on a Lip
• Close to the Edge
• Slopes
• Hard Pan
• Quick Height

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On The Green Lag It Close with a splash of rules & etiquette

In this jam-packed pocket guide, you’ll learn all the essentials from set-up, distance control and visualization. Plus, the learn the top 10 rules and etiquette, so you can keep your pals and make new ones.

• Easy alignment
• Soft set-up
• How to drive with your shoulders
• Distance control
• Power of visualization
• Die it or jam-it
• Reading the green tips

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On the Green Sink More Putts with a splash of BAD SHOT FIXES

If you find that you short, long and in-between are going nowhere near the hole..coming up woefully short or miles past, then whip out this handy pocket guide to get your putts online and in the hole for more pars.

• Tips for long & short putts
• Consistent alignment process
• Pre-putt routine
• Keep it on the high side
• How to stay square for solid rolls
• Groove swing path
• Reading the green tips

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Golf Etiquette You Gotta Know Junior Edition
with a splash of rules

Inside this handy pocket guide, Junior players, Evan, Teagan and Delaney showcase the must-do’s in golf etiquette. Designed to keep young players safe and having fun. Plus, a splash of rules from the bunker, green, tee and fairway.

• On the green essentials
• Bunker DO’s and DONT’s
• Pace of Play
• Tees to play as you advance in distance
• Teeing ground
• Practice swings
• Reading the green tips
• Safety essentials

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More Pars Double Sets
for double the pars

• Two Guides in one envelope
• Clear durable snap envelope
• Tee to green
• New Rules of Golf
• More Pars Fitness

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