Golf is a journey


Christina Ricci’s Ultimate Golf Book is designed to journal your golf game to more pars. With this comprehensive golf journal you can track basic and advanced stats, log notes and lessons, set goals, prep for a big tournament, track your club yardages and more.

Feature Section

Passionate players are passionate about improving. With your handy golf journal, logging your improvement is easy and fun. It is a great way to keep tabs on your game, whether your brand new or a single-digit player.

Top Features

  • Tabbed for Fast Access

    5 sections tabbed for fast access when on the course

  • Chart Club Yardages

    Getting next to the pin means that you need to know how far you hit each club

  • Personal Bests

    Record Personal Bests for bragging rights

  • Track Stats

    Track Basic or Advanced Stats

  • Lesson Key Points

    Log Lesson Key Points & Drills to keep you focused and on track to more pars

  • Practice

    Log & Track Practice Sessions to keep you super-organized

  • Portable

    Portable Size just like the Survival Guides

  • Cheat Sheets for Set-ups

    Ball positions, uneven lies, Par 3 checklist and other commons scenarios at your fingertips

  • Tournie Prep

    Prep for a Tournament by logging key landing areas, scores, mental notes and more

  • More Pars Platform

    Keep focused with Game Plans created from your Game Improvement Dashboard of the More Pars Platform.

  • Perfect Gift

    Beautiful packaging makes a statement for that golf buddy whose birthday is next month

  • Great Value $18.95

    You’ll be the tracking envy of your pals sporting this awesome golf journal!

track golf stats

Tracking stats will give you a starting point so you can begin to identify where you are losing shots.

An easy way to establish a starting point and to monitor progress is by tracking your statistics. Begin by tracking fairways hit, greens in regulation, and number of putts per round every time you play using the Basic Stats. For the more advanced players, log stats using the Advanced Stats to uncover weak links in your game! More pars await…so what are you waiting for…Get your Ultimate Golf Journal today!

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I love the new "Yellow" book!  I have been recommending it to everyone.  I also enjoyed my e-mail from Miss Par for July.  I always had difficulty with bunker shots and now I know why!  Open club first, then take grip.  Club - feet - hands!!!  I would always roll my wrists to open.  Now I can’t wait to get out there again and try it.  Thank you again for all of your inspiration!