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Thanks again, Christina!!! Your tips are always wonderful and so helpful. I sometimes have a problem putting it all together and all those parts broken down will really help me improve my golf.Sandy / Tip of the Weeker
Hi Christina, I really look forward to the weekly tips, always learn something new, and try to use all the tips when I practice next time I’m out. Thank you!!!!!!Shelly / Tip of the Weeker
This video is so helpful. Keeping my shoulders down as made a huge difference in my game. To the point that golf friends are asking me who I am taking lessons from….I tell them Christina Ricci. You have had a greater positive impact on my game than any other person I have taken lessons from. Thank you for breaking down the key points without pointing out too many things at once. I love being able to watch the videos over and over. I guess I am more of a visual learner than I thought.Kim / Tip of the Weeker

Christina sends a Tip a Week!

I really enjoy your weekly tips, hoping they help me on the course to better my scoreShelly / Boston

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  1. First time using this site. I was in a tournament in Las Vegas and a fellow competitor gave me your website. I ordered the 5 of the flip accordion golf rules for friends. Thinking about ordering the green book.

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