56 Days to More Pars Challenge


Improve Your Nutrition. Improve Your Health. Improve Your Golf Game!
Challenge Begins January 20

The Wholelife Challenge is a global collective challenge. It’s 7 pillars work together to create an effect in your life that’s hard to overstate — after a few weeks, you’ll feel rested, energetic, present, strong, healthy (and perhaps even happier).

I’ve added a No. 8 Pillar…More Pars! Plus, the EXERCISE pillar will focus on exercises that are golf-specific. In 56 Days, not only will you gain incredible knowledge about health and wellness that will last long after the Challenge ends, you’ll learn incredible golf skills giving you the confidence to get more pars in 2018!

I paid $39 because of an early bird special. It is now $49, but absolutely worth it.The WLC web portal is awesome. We have 50 team Members!

Join our Team in this exciting 56-Day Whole Life Challenge for More Pars.

Hi! I’m Christina. Let’s kick-off 2018 together with this incredible opportunity to not only improve your health & well-being, you’ll play your best golf ever! Plus, win Awesome Prizes! Christina Ricci, LPGA, TPI 3, Best-Selling Golf Author

For those who are not familiar with my story… it’s pretty simple. It’s about a girl (that’s me!) and her passion for the game (that’s golf!). I started my love affair with golf in the year 2000 and I never looked back. Four books later, a couple big credentials (LPGA & TPI Golf 3), I journey on with crazy passion to help players get more pars.

Win Awesome Prizes!

  • FOLLOW @getmorepars on instagram
  • POST to instagram daily during the challenge using the hashtags #MorePars, #full_potential_performance and #WholelifeChallenge (profile must be PUBLIC so our Team can see it!) and tag me @getmorepars
  • Instagram post can be whatever gets you super-motivated and excited as you move through the 56 day Wholelife Challenge
  • Subscribe to my YouTube.com/c/morepars Channel where I post great golf and golf-fitness tips weekly
  • Be sure to check your JUNK and PROMOTIONS folder so you don’t miss the challenge links!
  • WINNERS will be chosen on Day 57

How It Works

  • Join Our Team

    You can play the challenge by yourself or on a team (which is way more fun!) Experience incredible support with myself and Danny V, owner of CrossFit Full Potential. Playing alongside a team is an important part of the Whole Life Challenge experience, keeping you motivated, on-track, and accountable for your daily progress.

  • Earn Points

    Each day for the duration of the 6-week Challenge, you’ll get points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits + Habit 8: More Pars!

  • Invite Your Pals

    Invite friends, family and co-workers and you’ll climb the scoreboard as you make progress.

  • Recording Scores is Easy

    Each habit is worth 5 points per day upon completion. Scores are recorded on the WLC website, the iOS App, or the Android app, keeping players on track and accountable for their results. All scores are yes/no, with 5 points being awarded for completion, 0 points for non-completion. Nutrition is the exception – You’ll start your day with 5 points and deduct 1 point for each serving of non-compliant foods you consume.

  • Progress & Results - 7 Habits

    Measuring results is a key part of the Challenge experience. Throughout the Challenge, you will track your daily score over time and complete a before and after Self-Assessment to track changes to your quality of life, physical health and workout goals.

  • Progress & Results - More Pars

    To accumulate points for the 8th More Pars Pillar, simply FOLLOW & POST @getmorepars on instagram. Christina will keep track and showcase a More Pars Leaderboard

  • Weekly Guidance!

    Register to receive a WEEKLY email which will include tips, recipes, exercises and golf tips.